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CMAA Semiological Sources

June 22, 2012

Online Semiological Sources from the Graduale Triplex:

L – Laon, Bibliothèque municipale 239

C – Saint-Gall, Stiftsbibl. 359 (Cantatorium)

E – Einsiedeln, Stiftsbibl. 121

G – Saint-Gall, Stiftsbibl. 339

SG – Saint-Gall, Stiftsbibl. 376

H – Saint-Gall, Stiftsbibl. 390-391 (Hartker’s Antiphoner)

Winter volume:

Summer volume:

B – Bamberg, Staatsbibl. lit. 6

These manuscripts are all published in facsimile by Solesmes Editions and available here:

In addition, the Montpellier H159 Manuscript is online here:

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