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Mr Tibbits’s Catholic School

December 16, 2012

Just in time for Christmas, Ysenda Maxtone Graham’s charming account of the history of St Philip’s School is available for Kindle. The book, Mr Tibbits’s Catholic School, was published last year by Slightly Foxed as a limited edition hard back which quickly sold out and is currently available as a paperback. The Kindle edition appeared in Amazon’s online store a few days ago. The book was recently chosen as one of the Daily Telegraph’s Christmas 2012 Books of the Year.

St Philip's Schola

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Mr Tibbits’s Catholic School tells the story of St Philip’s School, founded at the request of the Oratory Fathers by the intrepid and eccentric Mr Tibbits in 1930s South Kensington. This small Roman Catholic School for boys aged 7-13 provides a wealth of stories which are humorous, moving and poignant, beautifully told by Ysenda Maxtone Graham.

The book’s preface was written by A.N. Wilson and appeared as an article in The Spectator here. Julian Fellowes, former pupil of St Philip’s and author of Downton Abbey writes in the Afterword: ‘We loved one teacher in particular who received, via a telegram delivered to him in class, the news of his father’s death and consequent inheritance. With a cry of ‘Yippee!’ he flung the cable into the air, jumped up, left the room and was never seen again.’

The Kindle Edition of Mr Tibbits’s Catholic School is available from and The paperback edition can be ordered direct from Slightly Foxed.

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