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The London Oratory Christmas Carol Service

Annual Carol Service

Mass at Santa Trinita dei Pellegrini, Rome

This morning Fr Paul Gillham celebrated Mass for the boys of St Philip’s School in honour of St Edward the Confessor, whose feast is today. The Mass, in the Extraordinary Form, took place at the Church of Santa Trinita dei Pellegrini. Later on the boys visited the Basilica of St Paul’s outside the Walls, bringing to a close the school’s pilgrimage.

Mass at Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome

This morning the boys of St Philip’s School, London visited the Forum and Colosseum. The boys were then taken to the Basilica of St John Lateran (the pictures below include a painting of St Philip Neri in the Basilica). Afterwards Fr Paul Gillham celebrated Mass in the Borghese Chapel at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.

Mass at St Peter’s, Rome

Yesterday evening the boys of St Philip’s School attended Benediction at Santa Trinita dei Pellegrini. This morning they attended Mass at the Tomb of St Peter celebrated by Fr Paul Gillham. After Mass the boys climbed the Dome of St Peter’s before attending the Angelus and Papal Blessing in St Peter’s Square.

St Philip’s School in Rome

The following photographs were taken this morning at the Chiesa Nuova in Rome. The boys of St Philip’s School, London, attended Mass at the Shrine of St Philip Neri which was celebrated by Fr Paul Gillham. After Mass the boys were shown the private rooms of St Philip which contain various relics and artefacts, including his bed, confessional, pulpit and chalice.


Carol Service for Aid to the Church in Need

Carol Service 2015 RGB_website

John Scott RIP

john_scottThe world of Church Music was deeply saddened yesterday to learn of the death of John Scott, the Organist and Director of Music at St Thomas’s, Fifth Avenue in New York. Before taking up his position there in 2004, he was Director of Music at St Paul’s Cathedral in London for many years. The last time I met him a few years ago he had just given a spectacular recital at Westminster Cathedral. At the reception afterwards, you would never have realised that he was the man in whose honour we were all gathered. Despite his international stature and towering reputation, he stood awkwardly to the side, speaking quietly and modestly, as though embarrassed by the attention. His famous choral CDs from St Paul’s are now considered benchmark recordings of the Anglican repertory, uniting one of the largest Cathedral choirs of the English tradition with the magnificent Smith, Willis & Mander organ, in the lavish (if preposterous) acoustics of Sir Christopher Wren’s crowning glory.

And although the word ‘inspiration’ is one we tend to overuse, it should be applied here with its fullest meaning in respect of the elevating influence he had on the liturgy and particularly on the young choristers who were fortunate enough to sing for him. Generations of boys have been coaxed to the highest of standards of music-making by his rigour and determination, and many of them have continued as professional church musicians in later life, making his influence and legacy, literally, immeasurable. In particular our thoughts should be with those boys currently in the Choir of St Thomas’s, his last choristers, as the sense of loss for them must be acute and incomprehensible. Above all, we pray for John’s family: his wife Lily, who is expecting their first child, as well as two children, Emma and Alex, from his previous marriage.

John Scott’s organ recordings are known for their flair and virtuosity. He was an immensely accomplished organist with a phenomenal repertoire and an unparalleled technique. His recordings for the Hyperion label can be seen here. One particular favourite of mine is his disc of organ music by Marcel Dupré which includes Placare Christe servulis which you can listen to below (courtesy of Hyperion Records). Based on the Vesper hymn for All Saints, it is a fiery toccata in which John deploys St Paul’s famous Royal Trumpets towards the end. We pray that he will soon be in the company of those Saints. May he rest in peace.


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